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Memorial Scroll

Beth Israel Congregation recently obtained on long term loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust (UK), a historic Torah scroll, a survivor from a decimated European Jewish community.

The story of this project:

In 2017 and early 2018, we had some work done to repair parts of our Torah scrolls. The sofer (scribe) suggested we might be interested in obtaining a non-kosher Holocaust scroll, mainly for educational purposes. The idea was met with the Board's approval and on July 25, 2018 we contacted the Memorial Scrolls about obtaining a scroll. In 2019 the project was sponsored by the City of Kingston in order to help further local cultural heritage objectives.

The story of this scroll:

Exactly which scroll we received was a result of a few surprises. After sifting through pictures and descriptions of several scrolls to choose from, we selected MST#1087, one with, we were told, no known exact provenance but likely from a town in the vicinity of Sedicany, from the 1800's. This scroll was being looked after at a Sofer on Site location in Miami Florida. We arranged for UPS delivery in March 2020. As it happens, delivery needed to be delayed as the location had a visit from an individual suffering from COVID-19, and thus the location was closed temporarily. 

Months later, in August 2020, we reconnected and successfully took delivery of scroll #1087. We noticed there was no Certificate of Authenticity and contacted the Memorial Scrolls Trust ("MST"). At that point the uniqueness of this scroll started to come to light.


Pictured: Newly displayed scroll originating in Kosova Hora, in Beth Israel's foyer


For the story of this scroll see our Hanukkah 2020 edition of the Kol newsletter.

...To find out more about the Memorial Scrolls Trust, please click here




                          This project is sponsored by the City of Kingston and the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites.



Sun, 26 May 2024 18 Iyyar 5784