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Bader Elkin Talmud Torah

Our Talmud Torah is led by our rabbi, Erin Polansky, who brings with her years of experience in shaping and running supplementary school programs, as well as a passion for helping kids connect with their Jewish selves and getting them excited about learning, while instilling a sense of pride in being Jewish.


The world stands on three things: on Torah, service, and on loving deeds. (Pirkei Avot 1:2)

Starting in JK, our students learn Hebrew, tefillah (prayer), Torah, Avodah (rituals) and Gemilut Chasadim (ethics). It is our belief that all of these topics cannot be addressed sufficiently each year, so we have structured our school of a 3-year cycle. Year 1 sees a focus on Torah narratives--our children meet Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob, Rachel & Leah, as well as Moses and Miriam. Three years later, they will revisit these "family members" and learn about them on a deeper level.

During year 2, we focus on Avodah (ritual). What do we do? And why do we do it? We will experience all of the rituals associated with the Jewish lifecycle in re-enacting baby namings, bat/bar mitzvah, wedding, and learning about how we honour our loved ones when they die. We will discuss what it means to be commanded and how we talk about God and try to follow God's commandments.

In year 3 of our cycle, we move to Gemilut Chasadim (ethics). We consider questions such as: how do we make this world a better place? What does it mean to be God's partner? 

In each year, holidays are taught at the appropriate times, each year with the emphasis on the yearly focus. For example, when teaching Passover in the Torah cycle year, we will focus on the narrative of the Exodus. In the Avodah year, we will focus more on the rituals--what do we do at the seder? How do we prepare our homes for the holiday? What do we do in synagogue on the holiday? And in our Gemilut Chasadim year, we will focus more on the themes of slavery and freedom and how we are called to work for the freedom of others in the world who are still not free.

Hebrew and tefillah are constant each year.

Our Faculty

Many of our teachers are students at Queen's, some are studying Education; all are devoted to Jewish learning and to influencing our young children to be knowledgeable, connected, and proud of their Judaism. 


Starting in Grade 2, Bader Elkin Talmud Torah meets on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, except during Jewish and school holidays. Kindergarten and grade 1 meets on Sundays only. The Nursery class meets for one hour with parents and their children.

The beauty of our school community is seen in the way that parents join with teachers and the rabbi to support and enhance the activities in the classrooms. Parents are not only helpers, but role models for the children, showing them how important Jewish learning and involvement is to the entire family. Parents help with events such as Sukkot dinners, Simchat Torah celebrations, Purim parties, Passover mock seders, and providing a healthy snack during our learning times.

** Due to Covid-19, we have made some changes to minimise the risk and ensure the health and safety of our children and B.I. community who use the building.  Information regarding new protocols in place are available when registering. **

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