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Interfaith Families

Interfaith Families at Beth Israel


Beth Israel strives to welcome all families who are seeking to create a Jewish home. Whether one partner or both partners are Jewish, all are welcome and embraced in our congregation.


The synagogue is currently reviewing how best to include interfaith partners while also maintaining the integrity of our Jewish tradition. Even while that process is underway, the following statements can be asserted:


  •  All family members and friends of members are welcome in our synagogue and to attend synagogue events
  •  Our rabbi wants to be the rabbi for your family (if you wish), not only for the Jewish members of your family
  •  If family members practice a religion other than Judaism, we strive to honour and respect your different religious practices and recognize that comfort with Jewish practice may be different for different people. We value our relationships with diverse faith leaders in our community.
  • Participation in Jewish ritual is permitted when both the integrity of the Jewish tradition and the non-Jewish person are maintained
  •  For those non-Jewish parents raising Jewish children—your children strengthen the Jewish people and we thank you for allowing them to do so and in supporting them in their Jewish lives. We will support you as you strive to raise Jewish children.
Sat, 15 June 2024 9 Sivan 5784